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About Us

Our office building is owned by Jack Boss, owner of Boss Concrete. Jack's bio is below.

Boss Concrete was incorporated in 1974, but traces its origins back to 1932 when my father, Jack Boss Sr., started in the concrete business. He mixed concrete by hand with a pile of stone, sand, cement and a 1/2-yard mixer, and built "old-fashioned" driveways -- two strips of concrete 2 feet wide for the car to drive on. I started riding to work with my dad at 8 years of age, and would help clean up jobs and make wooden stakes for form setting. By the age of 14, I was as good a cement finisher as the men my dad employed. At 19, just out of high school, I began to work full time for my dad, and when my brother Ron joined us in 1958, my dad changed the company's name from Jack Boss Cement Work to Jack Boss and Sons. Our sales increased steadily in the next few years, and we branched out into formwork and larger jobs. By the early 1970's, we had done the concrete work for several large projects in downtown Cleveland including the Bond Court and Public Utilities buildings, as well as twelve schools in different parts of Greater Cleveland.

In 1974, Boss Concrete was formed, with me, Jack Boss Jr., as president and Jacqueline Boss as Treasurer and Vice President. Since the beginning, Boss Concrete has focused on concrete construction in five areas--Commercial, Residential and Home Renovation, Industrial, Municipal and Developer construction. Our work has been wide-ranging, including: Warehouses, water fountains, driveways, reinforced slabs and walls, retention systems, columns, grade beams, structural slabs, road construction, curbs and walks and basement waterproofing.

Boss Concrete, Inc. has a long history of excellent work, going back to the days of wheelbarrows and hand mixers, and have developed a strong reputation throughout Greater Cleveland. We continue to grow as a company, constantly developing new and more efficient methods of concrete construction. We hope you choose Boss Concrete, Inc. and look forward to helping you meet your concrete placing needs.